• NUK Babykostwärmer Thermo Ultra Rapid
  • NUK Babykostwärmer Thermo Ultra Rapid

NUK Baby Food Warmer Thermo Ultra Rapid

  • Warms baby food exceptionally quickly
  • Gently warms with steam
  • Car adaptor is included for use when out and about
  • For glass or plastic containers of different sizes
  • For solid or liquid food
  • 0 m+

Innovative technology for babies’ warm meals
It can sometimes get quite turbulent in the family kitchen. That’s no surprise, for when babies are hungry, patience is not necessarily one of their strong points. The NUK Baby Food Warmer Thermo Ultra Rapid is a real help in these situations, as it uses steam to bring baby food to the right feeding temperature exceptionally quickly. Even when travelling, the NUK Thermo Ultra Rapid is a great companion – its adaptor can be simply plugged into a socket in the car or mobile home and the food can be warmed there just as reliably as at home. So families can relax and even look forward to longer car journeys!

Warms baby food gently and evenly

  • Suitable for liquid and solid food
  • Suitable for plastic or glass bottles up to 62 mm diameter and jars up to 70 mm diameter (not suitable for polyethylene (PE) bottles)
  • Practical built-in basket with a handle for the safe removal of bottles or jars

Quick help is at hand when your baby is hungry

  • Warms exceptionally quickly and effectively
  • Reaches the right feeding temperature in just 2 minutes (using “House” mode, 120ml liquid at room temperature)
  • Warms in the car in approx. 8 minutes
  • The warming time depends on the amount of liquid as well as the temperature and the consistency of the food
  • Integrated control light shows the warming temperature
  • Switches off automatically after the warming phase has ended

Ideal for when you are out and about and travelling

  • With an adaptor to connect to a 12 V socket in a car or mobile home (cigarette lighter, power supply in a caravan or the boot of a car)
  • Practical cable winder saves space when being transported
  • Integrated temperature sensor prevents overheating
  • Rated voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz / 12 V DC
  • Connected output 750 W – when used in car: 100 W

NUK Baby Food Warmer Thermo Ultra Rapid: warms baby food quickly and gently – at home or out and about.