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NUK Baby Menu Food Processor

  • Quick and gentle preparation of meals that suit your baby’s age
  • Four practical functions: defrosts frozen ingredients, heats, purees (2 speeds for fine or chunky) and steams
  • Retains vitamins and nutrients
  • Recipe leaflet with nutrition plan and lots of tips is included
  • Holds 900 ml 

NUK Baby Menu Food Processor, steams, purees, heats and defrosts baby meals, 900 ml volume capacity

The NUK Baby Menu Food Processor takes over the multitasking in the family kitchen: rustling up homemade, fresh and healthy baby food in no time at all – the ideal aid for all parents who, after breast milk, still want to offer their baby the best nutrition to suit their child’s age. 

Gently steams
With the steam function fish, meat, fruit or vegetables can be gently prepared. The food retains it nutrients and flavours. Two baskets mean different foods can be steamed at the same time, without either of them losing their flavour.

Fresh purees and tasty smoothies
Using the puree setting various ingredients can be processed into a puree to suit the age your baby has reached. Speed 1 produces a coarser puree for children from 10 months on. Speed 2 purees fruit and vegetables very finely for children from 5 months old. An additional smoothie blade conjures up extra-smooth fruit purees.

Pre-cook and freeze
So that the effort to prepare healthy baby meals is kept to a minimum, parents can cook larger amounts in advance and either keep portions fresh in the fridge or freeze them. In addition, frozen ingredients can first be defrosted with the NUK Baby Menu Food Processor and then immediately be processed further.

Recipe Booklet included
With the NUK Baby Menu Food Processor comes a recipe booklet that NUK developed with the German Research Institute for Child Nutrition (FKE).  Along with many recipes suitable for this age group, it also contains tips and a nutrition plan for the first year of life.  

It holds 900 ml which is about two to three meals for toddlers. The spatula provided makes it easier to lift the hot baskets out after steaming and to scrape out purees and smoothies.


All removable parts of the NUK Baby Menu Food Processor are dishwasher-safe.

Please note:

-          the NUK Baby Menu comes fitted with a CEE 7/16 Europlug.